My Backup Drive: Safe, Secure Online Backup
July 19, 2024 | Web Access

Backup Your Memories,
Files, and More...

Secure Easy to Use Online Backup.

Don't Risk Your Data – Backup Online

My Backup Drive makes online backup easy and automatic. If you don't frequently run your backup or don't have a backup at all, you risk losing valuable files or priceless digital memories. Hardware failure, human error, viruses, theft, and disaster can all destroy data in the blink of an eye. Let My Backup Drive keep your data safe and secure, plus we give you easy access to all your files right over the internet. Don't risk data loss anymore, start your backup today!

My Backup Drive Includes:

  • Complete Online Backup Solution
  • Fast High Speed Data Centers
  • Advanced Security and Encryption
  • Online Access to Your Data from Anywhere
  • Easy, Automatic Backups
  • Backup Support for 5 PCs
  • Free File Versioning
  • Optional White Glove Support
  • and Even More!

How Does My Backup Drive Work?

My Backup Drive is the easy, automated way to backup your files. Just signup, download our software, then set it and forget it. You just select the files, folders, and drives you want to backup and My Backup Drive will compress them, encrypt them, and then securely transmit them to your online backup drive in our high speed data center. That's it! My Backup Drive can run daily, weekly, or on whatever schedule works for you – keeping your files safely backed up. My Backup Drive even lets you access your files online too so you can share photos with your inlaws or download that PowerPoint you left at home.

Start Your Backup Today

Ready to start your online backup? Just signup, download, and My Backup Drive will start sending your data into your secure online backup drive! It's easy, automated, and secure – so don't wait, start your online backup today with My Backup Drive.

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